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Nov 14, 2011
Article 'RAM-Speicher erklärt' published in ADMIN Magazin 06/2011 and 'SSDs und große Festplatten' published in c't kompakt Linux 1/2012.
Oct 10, 2011

Article 'Meldevorgang - Linux für SSDs konfigurieren' published in c't 22/2011.

Oct 1, 2011
Talk 'Optimal Usage of SSDs Under Linux: Optimize Your I/O Subsystem' at LinuxCon Europe in Prague on 26th Oct.

CD Ripping with ABCDE HOWTO

ABCDE (A Better CD Encoder) is a CD ripper for Linux, operated from the command line.

This short HOWTO shows how to use ABCDE in Ubuntu 11.10 to rip a CD's content in MP3 files.

1. Install necessary packages

apt-get install abcde id3v2 lame

2. Use ABCDE

abcde -a cddb,read,encode,tag,move,playlist,clean -d /dev/cdrw -o mp3 -V -x

(written: 2011-12-16)


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